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Solving the issue of dry skin

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Solving the issue of dry skin :

Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here. And with winters comes one thing that we dread – dry skin.

Worry no more, we’ve got the EASIEST yet most effective solution to your problem of dry skin. Try this out and you’ll definitely be thanking us in the days to come.

FYI – this solution doesn’t take more than a minute of your time, literally.

So, here’s how you can solve the issue of dry skin without spending loads of money/time:

When you’re about to take a bath, fill you bath tub with water. You can also use a bucket if you don’t have a bath tub. Add 3-4 drops of olive oil in the water. Well, you could use any sort of oil that you think suits your skin the best.

Mustard oil and coconut oil are some of the best options. When you take a bath in the water that contains oil, your skin will soak up the moisture. Resultantly, your dry skin issue will be solved, perhaps forever.

This is something that I have personally tested and can vouch for. However , if your skin reacts badly to any sort of oils or is extremely sensitive, it’d be best to consult your dermatologist before trying this out because hey, better safe than sorry right?

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Written by Maryam Awan

A Blogger and Researcher.

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