Every Body Wants to Vote This Mid-Term

Every Body Wants to Vote This Mid-Term
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Every Body Wants to Vote This Mid-Term:

In case, you are wondering how to make people vote. Here is how:

HOUSTON – The result of survey performed on 5000 people by The Texas Medical Center done all across America revealed that health care plays a significant role in driving the citizens to cast their votes.

The director of the Health Policy Institute at TMC, Dr. Arthur “Tim” Garson said that most of the voters cast their righteous votes to the candidates whom they believe will work for the health care system.

So now if you want people to vote for you, just make sure that the development of healthcare is included in your list to do.

Stay tuned for more.

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Written by Sidra Ali

Gold Medalist Medical Student, A Blogger, Researcher Who Believes in Hope and Optimism. An Enthusiast for a change. Life Motto: Live Within Moments rather than in days and years.

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