What is Feminism?


What is Feminism
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What is Feminism?

Lately, there are so many debates on women rights and all such issues related to gender discrimination and biasness that it got you thinking that what is feminism?
Is it really that good of a thing as others say it is or is it fatal for the society?

Here we are to help you with it!
On this breast cancer awareness month, we would talk about HER!

What is Feminism?

Feminism is not about just extremely supporting women’s rights and exploiting male’s right. It is also not about degrading anyone. It is an ideology in itself. It is telling a female her worth that she is not any less than any HE. It is about teaching sons to behave like a gentleman and teaching them how to become an independent being. It is also about teaching daughters that they can aim high, very high and they also need to behave like a gentlelady.

Unfortunately, we all focus too much on extremism, either we teach our sons to be an egoistic chauvinist and teach daughters to do as they are told. Or we teach them extremism so much that they start hating men. We don’t need this all but all we need is equality not dominance.

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Written by Sidra Ali

Gold Medalist Medical Student, A Blogger, Researcher Who Believes in Hope and Optimism. An Enthusiast for a change. Life Motto: Live Within Moments rather than in days and years.

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