Prince Harry, on His Way of Becoming Father

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Prince Harry, on His Way of Becoming Father:

Kensington Palace announced that Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and son of  Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife, Meghan Markles are expecting a child. Prince Harry is the Duke of Sussex.

Their Wedding was probably the most celebrated one of the time. Hundreds of people were there to spread their Love over the new Royal couple, millions watched it on TV around the globe. The expected child would probably be seventh in turn to the throne. But the very first rule that would be applied to the child is that he/she would not be titled as ”Prince” or”Princess”. The Great King George’s decree of 1917 says that only the eldest son of the eldest prince will be titled as a prince

Prince Harry, on His Way of Becoming Father

Queen Elizabeth II made an amendment to the decree that all the children of eldest Prince would be titled Prince but the children of younger Prince would be titled as ”Earl” or ”Lady”. So, the Child would be titled as Earl or Lady.

The expected Royal Child is likely to be the hot topic on social media and the cutest one as well,
as expected by the trends of his parent’s wedding on world media.

Best Wishes for the Royal Couple!

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