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Every single human being makes his place in your life by himself. No one else can take that place; for sure, they can be more than or less than the other person but can never take his place.

Well they say, “don’t be too good for your own good”. Well, guess what, they were right.
Live a life and don’t tell anyone.
Live a dream and don’t tell anyone.
Travel like wild and don’t tell anyone.
Love someone and don’t tell anyone.
Because people destroy beautiful things.

Do you know how can your one kind sentence or let’s say just one kind word can change someone’s day? Do you know how can

If you have a good family, just a few sincere friends, food to eat and roof on your head. Believe me, you are a very lucky person.
It is our nature that we are so ungrateful to the countless blessings we have been blessed with.
If you think that you are unlucky or that you have seen enough of this world then, no you are wrong because you and I, we haven’t seen the real struggles of life. We don’t know the meaning of hunger! We don’t value money!
We are nothing! It takes just one jolt of earthquake to let us know about our limits!

They asked me, “what is life?”
I said, “It is that one question that you didn’t prepare. That one answer to all your worries. That one moment that would have lasted forever. YOUR life is about everything except others. So basically, this is your life not theirs. If they are intervening too much into your life then, basically they are living your life as well. Don’t let anyone live your life because they have a right to live theirs and so do you.”

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Written by Sidra Ali

Gold Medalist Medical Student, A Blogger, Researcher Who Believes in Hope and Optimism. An Enthusiast for a change. Life Motto: Live Within Moments rather than in days and years.

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