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Hard knocks for the Artists today

Hard knocks for the Artists today
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Hard knocks for the Artists today:

The Art and Artist:

 Apart from the scientists and analysts, there is another compliment to the human intelligence – the Artists. Artists are the innocent, sensitive and imaginative beings. Of course, creativity is one of the God’s attributes and possessing such ability is surely a rare gift. They are one of those people making our societies a place to live. The distinction across the regional boundaries is verily related to the art of a region. And of course, art, when promoted and developed correctly is a fair economic boost for the region.

Being an Artist:

Well, it’s not something just to be enjoyed as a God gifted talent. It’s quite hard to be and to remain an artist. Both the elements combine to make the phrase “being an artist” honorable. No doubt, a gift is gift from God but wistfully; instead of being the superlative components of our society these wonders among us face many afflictions, especially in the underdeveloped areas. The following article reveals major of them.

Inadequate training centers:

      Talent and skills are two different terms relating to each other. Simply, a talent becomes a skill when brushed up correctly and the same goes for the creative skills. Miraculously, many born artists happen to be around us but they are still like raw gems. Such artists severely need adequate training centers for their proper grooming. The young artists today have the drive to work with their skills but still face oppressive privation regarding proper coaching and environment. Without being a pity, the mature artists should step forward to exert a good deal for the sake of survival and should dearly train the younger ones.

Lack of Glorification:

   Yes, no doubt the cultivated artists do happen to be harshly discouraged because of the depreciative public response. This may be due to the rotten taste for art among the people. Especially, in underdeveloped areas where basic education and employment are the major concerns, there is no room left for art and artists. As artists happen to be very sensitive beings, so the appreciations hoarded can hurt them badly. We are in a need of realizing the actual worth of art and need to practically promote the very idea of rich-in-arts society.

Social Acceptability:

   In particular areas, such issues come around quite often. An artist’s work is misinterpreted and negatively labeled as a moral or religious offense. Such setbacks demoralize the sensitive and imaginative inner person of an artist. A positive essence of art which is still somehow lacking must be promoted. Art is not something bound to moralities or religious obligations; it just comes with the soul in the very nature of a human being. But grievously, such matters of delicateness are handled with sour manners. Definitely, it takes a sensitive soul to produce a masterpiece of art but it takes a more sensitive soul to catch the very emotions and conceptions truly depicted by the art.


Hard knocks for the Artists today


Unjust Honorarium:

  Today the people have lost their aesthetic sense to realize some actual worth for a piece of art and so do the artists fail to get monetary appreciation too. And sometimes it happens this way too, that the people gratifying the work from the heart are not at liberty from their pockets. So an artist has to suffer just for being an artist. He/she has to struggle hard and hard to make both the ends meet. Such circumstances don’t favor the growth of young artists and that gifted artistic instinct. If we need our cultural art and its glory redeemed we have to support our artists in all practical manners. We are in an era of science and technology and such beliefs about promoting our arts may not feel much practicable or much remunerative to some but one should consider the substance of this argument with a soft heart. Yes, with a soft heart and delicacy, and only then the true nobility and subtlety of art could be grasped. Speaking as an admirer, I must say that we must change the values for art and artists in our societies and should perceive our artists and their hard knocks sympathetically for the sake of our moralities and cultures.

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