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What do people think about Game of Thrones?


People think about Game of Thrones Season
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What do people think about Game of Thrones??

Are you a Game of thrones fan or hater? This fever is so on since last few years and everyone holds their own opinions about this show as if it is a religious obligation of them to have one, irrespective of the fact that they are the fans or haters or I-don’t-care squad. Did you ever wonder what do people think about game of thrones?

What do people think about Game of Thrones??


Let’s be honest here. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear the name game of thrones is ‘nudity’.
Well, no doubt that there is a lot of nudity in this show but you can always watch the censored version. I mean come on, if you avoid this show because of this reason then, you need to watch it now. Trust me you are missing a really great show in your life.


People think about Game of Thrones Season


B) L.I.F.E.

Well, yeah! There are people who die to watch this season all over again and again. They are so addicted to this show that they would do anything just to get connected to this show. They would read novels, re-watch the show and talk about it all the time.


Yah! Some nerds think that it is a time wastage just like other seasons 😂
They think that you can achieve high goals like hiking to the top of Himalayas in the time you finish up its all seasons.
True that as well. But come on! It is all about priorities.


People think about Game of Thrones Season



The third I-don’t-care squad we talked about, remember? These are the people who have no interest in life. Lol! You would be talking over and over and over again and in the end they would be like ‘oh what is GoT?’

Now you know what people think about this season.

What do you think?

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