Why Do You Get Bad Grades In Exams?

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Why Do You Get Bad Grades In Exams?

Every student has the target to get good marks in exams but most of them are failing to get good marks in exams. There are many reasons behind this. Today I’ll share some of these reasons.


1: Use of Mobile:

Why You Get Bad Grades In Exams
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Almost every student has his own mobile phone. And almost all the students use the mobile phone while they are preparing for their exams. Due to which they are not able to concentrate on their studies because they are using the mobile phone as well. This is the main reason due to which students don’t get good grades or marks in their exams.


2: Use of the Internet:

Why You Get Bad Grades In Exams
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Every student uses the internet like Google or YouTube and much more. Some students use this Weapon (Internet) as a source if getting knowledge and good marks. Some use this to take a break but when they started searching anything they forget about their studies and continuously uses the internet and as a result, they get bad results.


3: Friends:

Why You Get Bad Grades In Exams
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Everyone has friends in their life. There are two types of a friend the one who supports you in your studies as well as in other matters where you need someone. But some are those who don’t even let you complete your study for exams they waste your time as well as their own and as a result, they get bad grades and due to their friendship you also get bad results. Because at the time of studies they came to you and divert your mind from studies.


While you are studying, switch off your phone so that no one can disturb you while you are studying and also don’t open the internet unless you don’t have any serious issue. Don’t even try to open youtube for the listening song to relax or don’t open any social media account. Make those friends who help you in your studies and you can study in a group so that you can easily understand each part of your syllabus. By doing this you don’t even need to use the internet.

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