Facebook is Ready And Back in Action


Facebook is Ready And Back in Action
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FACEBOOK: Lately, the social media giant has suffered a lot from criticism and faced some hard luck primarily due to its own mistakes. But now it seems like it is taking some tough actions against the fake news.

Research of top universities including Stanford University and New York University on title “Trends in the Diffusion of Misinformation on Social Media” revealed that the user engagement on Facebook for sharing, liking and commenting has reduced by 50% between the 2016 election and July 2018.

Main researchers of the study; Hunt Allcott, Matthew Gentzkow, and Chuan Yu have reportedly taken all the data from over 570 sites that are marked as unreliable sources for news. Surprisingly, this list includes Poltifact, FactCheck, and Buzzfeed.

Let’s see how things turn out!

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Written by Sidra Ali

Gold Medalist Medical Student, A Blogger, Researcher Who Believes in Hope and Optimism. An Enthusiast for a change. Life Motto: Live Within Moments rather than in days and years.

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