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Tau Movie 2018:

Tau is a 2018 science fiction thriller film. I have seen this film and it is a good film. Below is its story;

Julia is a loner who makes money like a thief in nightclubs. One night, she is abducted from her home and wakes up in a dark prison with two other people, each with an implant in the back of their necks. She endures a series of torturous psychological sessions by a shadowy figure in a lab. One night, she steals a pair of scissors and destroys the lab in an escape attempt, but she is stopped and the other two subjects were killed by a robot in the house.

Neural Activity:

Alex, the technology executive who owns the house, reveals the implant is collecting her neural activity as she completes puzzles, and subjects her to more tests because he is using the data to develop more advanced A.I. with a big project deadline in a few days. He ordered additional tests on her overseen by Tau and gives her some freedom to move around unrestrained. As Alex leaves for work every day, she begins conversing with Tau, who is curious about the world outside the house, reading Tau books in exchange for more information about the house and experiments. Learning that Alex has brought in and killed a number of other subjects and that removing the implant will kill her, Julia attacks Alex one evening with a knife but he fights her off and forces Tau to subdue her.

Tau Movie 2018 Full Story
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The Next Day..

The next day, Julia convinces Tau to free her, however, she returns when Alex takes revenge on Tau through deleting all of his memories in the process. Alex captured her and when prepares to extract her implant, Julia frees herself with the help of one of Tau’s mini-drones that were disconnected prior to the erasure. She activates a self-destruct sequence to destroy the house, and Alex is killed in the collapse. Emerging from the home with the mini-drone in hand, Tau in it, she walks into the sunset, promising to show Tau the world.

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