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Venom to have a face-off with Spider-Man

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Venom to have a face-off with Spider-Man:

“Venom,” the upcoming movie, that is expected to bang the cinemas and break a lot of past records. It is now officially rated as PG-13.

Most of the fans expected it to be an R category. The strategy behind this was explained by the managing editor of Fandango, Mr Erik Davis. According to him, this is done so that at some point in future, The venom faces off with Spider-Man.

Yes, you heard it right. I mean nothing can be expected to reach the level of Spider Man. And if that’s what they are saying then, they are actually putting the stakes of the expectations of the audience way high.

Also, did you know that there was a deal between Sony and Marvel Studios. This allows Sony to make its own fictional Spider-Man.

What a crazy world we all live in?
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