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Pakistan Comes together to donate for Dams

donate for dams
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Pakistan comes together to donate for dams :

The issue of Global warming is one that is continuously on the rise. Global warming poses a great danger to humans and animals across the world. Pakistan is one of the countries worst effected by this phenomenon.

A study had recently declared the state of Pakistan might run dry by the year 2025. In response to this grave danger looming on the state,  the Chief Justice of Pakistan took a much-needed step.-That of setting up a fund for dam construction where every citizen of the state could donate.

The Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand dam fund was set up by the Chief justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar. He himself donated PKR 1 Million to the dam fund. Various channels ran different campaigns to collect money for the fund. All the celebrities and politicians also came together and urged the citizens to avert the deadly crisis of water shortage.

In response, the citizens of Pakistan came together to donate for dams. The armed forces decided to donate their one/two days pay for the noble cause.

Not only that but Boxer Amir Khan, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and business tycoons like Malik Riaz came forward and donated money to the dam fund. The average Pakistani continues to donate whatever little they can to the fund as well.

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the overseas Pakistanis to play their part as well. The plea got an overwhelming response and money has started pouring into the dam fund.

Current Status of the dam fund:

The dam fund has collected approximately PKR 2 billion as of now.

donate for dams
supreme court

We applaud this step taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan and urge you to donate whatever little you can, to the dam fund. Let’s save this planet, let’s save our future.

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