The World’s 5 Best places in Asia to visit 2018

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Before talking about the world’s 5 Best places in Asia, I want to define why do people travel. Travel is the French word and it means work, In old French books, travel printed as a hard work (struggle). Travel means living the moments with friends, family, fellows and life partner. There are so many ways you can travel and make some value to your moments, most people travel by car, foot, bike, train, airplane etc with or without pets and luggage. Some people travel with their photography kit and yes I come in the list of these travelers.

Why do people travel:

There is not only one reason to travel but here I’m listing below some reason.

People travel because…….

  • they want to meet/see their friends and families who are away.
  • they want to explore the different things.
  • they want to see others cultures.
  • they want to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • of personal projects and study thesis.
  • they are writers or from the research field.

There are so many reasons but I think we should move to our focus, yes “The world’s 5 Best places in Asia”.

The world’s 5 Best places in Asia:

1. Hong Kong:

The world's 5 Best places: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city in China and it is a special administration region of China country. Hong Kong is the World’s 4th most densely populated region. Before 1997 it was the colony of British and now Hong Kong is the part of China. Hong Kong is famous for traveling and shopping.

2. Maldives:

The world's 5 Best places: Maldives

The Maldives, house of beaches, is made up of more than 1200 coral islands. The Maldives is a Perfect location for Honeymoon.

3. Tokyo:

The world's 5 Best places: Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and it is a most populous metropolitan region in the world.

4. Singapore:

The world's 5 Best places: Singapore

Singapore is a city-state off southern Malaysia and small Island country.

5. Chiang Mai:

The world's 5 Best places: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, land of mountain and hills, is a city in Thailand.

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