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Here’s why you need to watch Crazy Rich Asians

Here’s why you need to watch Crazy Rich Asians
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Here’s why you need to watch Crazy Rich Asians:

The world is going crazy for “ Crazy Rich Asians” and rightly so. This romantic comedy-drama film not only breaks a lot of barriers but also provides the audience with some high-class entertainment.

Here’s Why you need to watch Crazy Rich Asians as soon as you can

  • Asians are FINALLY getting representation in Hollywood

The film contains a cast that is almost entirely Asian, which certainly is a breath of fresh air. With Hollywood whitewashing films like Ghost in the shell in the past where Scarlet Johansson played a Japanese woman, Crazy Rich Asians with its Asian cast is a step in the right direction.

  • The writer of the novel has been actively involved in the movie making process

The film is based on Kevin Kwan’s novel of the same name. Anyone who’s into reading knows how important the input of the writers is when it comes to movies based on books. Another refreshing aspect of this film is that the writer, Kevin had been actively involved in the entire movie making process and all the major decisions regarding the movie.


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  • The cast of the movie is ..well…drop dead GORGEOUS

Be it Constance Wu playing the role of Rachel or Michelle Yeoh portraying Nicks overprotective mother, the cast of the movie is pretty gorgeous. And of course, how could we possibly forget Henry Golding and Pierre Png, who have a lot of ladies swooning over them after the movie’s release. While we’ve only mentioned a few, once you see the movie you will realize how gorgeous the entire cast is, totally worth going gaga over. Here, See for yourself.


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If you’re still unsure about whether to watch the much-hyped movie or not, do two things. 1) Read the first reason AGAIN and try to understand how important the role of this movie is with regard to Asian representation in Hollywood.

2) Watch the trailer so you could know whether or not you’d enjoy the movie ( we think you definitely will)

watch Crazy Rich Asians Full Movie Trailer:

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