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Lindsay Lohan – Me Too Movement Makes Women appear “weak”

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Lindsay Lohan has expressed her views on the Me Too Movement and they aren’t exactly pleasant.

In an interview with the Times, the pop star and actress expressed that the Me Too Movement makes women appear weak. She also commented that some girls do it for attention and women need to speak out as soon as it happens.

Lindsay Lohan also admitted that she had never been a victim of sexual abuse and had not experienced anything of that sort in Hollywood.


Women driving ban


While everyone including the Hollywood star is entitled to their own opinion, to belittle someone’s experience with sexual abuse isn’t a very smart or kind thing to do. When one thinks of the sexual abuses cases bought to light like that of Larry Nassar and Harvey Weinstein, the huge scale on which the Me Too Movement has bought about a positive change becomes evident.

All in all, being a public figure, maybe Lindsay should start choosing her words a little more wisely.

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