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Meet Vector – The latest home Robot by Anki

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Meet Vector – The latest home Robot by Anki:

Meet vector, the latest home robot designed by Anki. It can set timers, answer questions and take pictures, in short, it can be your very own digital companion throughout the day.

Android bots that keep you company are no longer a thing of the future, but what makes vector a special home robot is all the emotions that it displays.

The vector can react to inputs and its environment. To give it a digital pet feel, the vector contains a capacitive sensor so you can pet it.

Vector is always switched on so it can provide you company 24/7. You can ask vector for a fist bump or switch on music and it will dance with you to the beat of it.

Anki will start shipping vector in October 2018 and the little home robot will cost 250$.


Autonomous Robots are going


While vector does look like a pretty adorable home robot, one does, however, wonder whether or not it’s worth spending $250 for a fist bump or seeing a tiny robot dance to the beat of the music. Moreover, what about the privacy concerns that will arise due to the presence of vector, with built-in cameras and audio recorders that are switched on throughout the day.

For now, Let us wait and watch what sort of response vector gets on the market.

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