Top 3 Dangerous Road In World

Top 3 Dangerous Road In World
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Top 3 Dangerous Road In World

1.  Road To Fairy Medow Road In Pakistan:

This is one of the dangerous roads in the world as well as in Pakistan because it is extremely narrow and 10km long road. like its name, it is not the same as you think about it its most dangerous road and it is situated in mid of killer northern mountains of Pakistan.

2. The Deadly Highway of Brazil:

This highway is the second largest highway present in Brazil. This is one of the dangerous roads in the world, it gets the nickname of Death-Highway because every year thousands of people found dead on this highway. This is just because of poor maintenance and negligence.


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3. Tunnel Road Guoling of China:

This tunnel road is covered by mountains from all sides and it looks very scary and most dangerous road. During the construction of this road, many workers died because of the landslide. The villagers moved from here before the construction started because they know that it’s not a safe place to stay here during construction.

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