The Ongoing Crisis in Bangladesh Summed Up

The Ongoing Crisis in Bangladesh Summed Up
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The Ongoing Crisis in Bangladesh Summed Up:

There has been much news about the ongoing crisis in Bangladesh, here is the whole situation summed up for you to understand.

On the 29th July, a privately operated bus crashed into a group of students and killed two due to over speeding. The driver had reportedly been racing another bus to get to the waiting passengers first.

After the deaths, students of Dhaka took to the streets and started protesting against the poor condition of road safety in the country.

The state then tried to use force to end the protests and that is when things turned violent. The police used tear gas and fired rubber bullets at the protestors.  Pro-government mobs and students union also started to attack protestors and the media covering the protests. More than a 140 protestors have been injured up till now.

The internet service was also slowed down, not letting the protestors or media get their side of the story out. However, the telecommunications minister stated that it had happened due to some technical issue.

There are speculations that the ruling Awami League Party has killed and raped protesters in its office in Dhaka.

Yet the spirits of the students are high. Students can be seen on the roads in their uniforms, making sure that everyone obeys traffic laws.


Water fall Death


Students have also started campaigns on social media platforms, using the hashtag #wewantjustice. With the elections just around the corner, the Awami League party has taken the stance that it is the opposition which is fueling the matter against them. The government is also now considering imposing new road safety laws.

For long, the transport sector in Bangladesh has been run by different mafias.  Traffic and road safety laws are not paid the slightest bit of attention. According to the world health organization, around 3000 people die due to road accidents every year.

It looks like the students of Bangladesh are now taking up the responsibility to change the circumstances themselves.

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