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Facebook has Started Testing Its New Dating App

Facebook dating App
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Facebook has Started Testing Its New Dating App:

Facebook is going to launch a new Facebook dating App soon, the Facebook is testing its new dating app before the launch. All testers of this New Dating App are from the Facebook Company, the Fb company has said to their employees to test the app by entering the false data and delete that data before publishing this app. Till now this app is working perfectly and soon got published.


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According to many employees, those who are testing the app, this app is good and get many downloads and it is good for the company to launch this new dating app after the testing mode. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Owner and CEO of Facebook, It has many features like every one create a new profile not same of facebook profile and you can visible your profile for those who are in the same event, This app will help to create long-term relations.

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