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Bumblebee Movie: Prequel Movie to the Transformer Film series

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The Bumblebee Movie: Prequel Movies to Transformers Film Series is all set to release this Christmas

There’s some amazing news for all the transformer series fans out there. Our very beloved Autobot, Bumblebee Movie is getting his own movie!

The yellow Autobot will be starring in his very own “Bumblebee, The Movie “which will be a prequel to the existing Transformers series films.

The storyline of the Bumblebee Movie:

The story of the bumblebee movie is set in the year 1987, twenty years before the events of the very first Transformers series movie. Charlie, a young teenage girl played by Hailee Steinfeld, finds bumblebee, scared and battered and on the run, in a junkyard. The two strike up a close friendship and later realize that a government agency, led by John Cena as Agent Burns is on the hunt for bumblebee.

The official trailer of the movie released by Paramount Pictures gives the audience a glimpse into the bond of friendship between Charlie and Bumblebee. The movie seems to be filled with action, which is the trademark of the Transformers films and at the same time is expected to take its audience on a roller-coaster of emotions too, as they watch the friendship between Charlie and Bumblebee unfold.


Bumblebee Movie


The movie is set to be released on the 21st of December this year and we can’t wait to see our favorite Autobot and Charlie take on the evil forces of the Decepticons!

Watch and Download Bumblebee Movie Official Trailer in HD:

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